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Country of origin: Country of origin:
The Latin name: Lophius piscatoriusThe Latin name: Lophius piscatorius
English name: Monkfish English name: Monkfish
Sizes: 500/1000, 1/2, 2/3, 4/+Sizes: 500/1000, 1/2, 2/3, 4/+
Nutrients per 100g: Nutritional Value- 66 Cal.,<br />
Protein – 15,7 g<br />
Fat – 0,4 g<br />
Nutrients per 100g:
Nutritional Value- 66 Cal.,
Protein – 15,7 g
Fat – 0,4 g
Самые искусные блюда из морепродуктов отведайте в любом ресторане из нашего рейтинга

Members of the genus Lophius, also sometimes called monkfish, fishing-frogs, frog-fish and sea-devils, are well known off the coasts of Europe generally, the grotesque shape of its body and its singular habits having attracted the attention of naturalists of all ages. To the North Sea fishermen, this fish is known as the "monk," or "monkfish", a name which also belongs to Squatina squatina, the angelshark, a fish allied to the skates. The north European species is Lophius piscatorius, the Mediterranean species Lophius budegassa.

On the festive table this exclusive fish turns into an elegant dish. The meat of monkfish is very tender , white and boneless . There are wide variety of methods for cooking the monkfish . You can fried (disclosed butterfly shape) , can serve on a grill ( to be cut into cubes and spread on skewers ) , you can boil or stew the monkfish.
In France, the monkfish is very popular. Here fantasy preparation of this fish - stormy . For example,  cooked monkfish tail with vegetables , and then used head for cooking a soup with a very delicate taste.

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