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Country of origin: France, Netherlands
The Latin name: Mytilus edulis
English name: Mussels
Nutrients per 100g:
Calorie . - 77 kcal
Fats - 2 g
Carbohydrates - 3.3 g
Proteins - 11.5 g
Water - 82 g
Iron - 3.2 mg
Cholesterol - Sodium 40 mg - 290 mg
Phosphorus - 210 mg
Calcium - 50 mg
Magnesium - 30 mg
Potassium - 310 mg
Omega -3 - 0.4 g
Самые искусные блюда из морепродуктов отведайте в любом ресторане из нашего рейтинга

Mussels - it is mollusks that belong to the Mytilidae family. Which is considered to be very healthy products . The mussel meat contain vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell destruction. The mussels are also rich in iron, selenium, vitamin B12 and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3.

Live mussels as all shellfish firmly hold the shells.  Open mussel in its raw form means that it is not alive . Unlike oysters before cooking , mussels left overnight in a saucepan with water , as they have to cleaned the sand. Remember that alive mussels are opened after the cooking and if not – don’t eat it.

       Odisey company offer vide variety of mussels:

 Bouchot mussels – it is popular in France method of breeding mussels, when mounting base is oak and chestnut piles driven into the seabed and it is called  “Boucho”. Accordingly, there is name of the mussels themselves, given due to breeding methods.

St. Michel mussels – the same breeding method as for Bouchot mussels, but in the Mont-St.-Michel Bay near the Brittany and Normandy border.

Blue mussels – the shells of this mussels are smooth and satined, with blue and green-blue shade. The color of the shell is a distinctive feature of this kind of mussels.

Spanish mussels- this kind of mussels breeding in the cold and clean water. Their shells are bigger than in another kinds and have dense structure of meat.

Irish mussels -  grown in Ireland have gentle and outstanding taste.

Dutch mussels – this mussels have more extended shape of the shells with the black and black-grey color, inside it is gently blue.

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