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Saithe fillets

Saithe fillets
Country of origin: Netherlands Country of origin: Netherlands
The Latin name: Pollachius virensThe Latin name: Pollachius virens
English name: Saithe filletEnglish name: Saithe fillet
Sizes: 200/400Sizes: 200/400
Nutrients per 100g: Calories<br />
86<br />
Protein<br />
19.3g<br />
Total Fat<br />
0.9g<br />
Nutrients per 100g:
Total Fat
Самые искусные блюда из морепродуктов отведайте в любом ресторане из нашего рейтинга

Saithe, which is also known as coley is a white fish representative of the cod family.

The main source of nutrition for fish - it's crustaceans and fish eggs, while adults saithes hunt to a small fish (herring, sprat).

Saithe is an excellent source of protein. Its meat is rich in vitamin B12, selenium, and optimally balanced ratio of potassium and sodium. Saithes fish oil ia very valuable for  health. The meat of this fish is useful for children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women, as it contains a large amount of phosphorus needed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and iodine, which is particularly important for the prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland.

The processing methods for saithe are fairly similar as for cod. A large part is filleted and frozen at sea by freezer trawlers or iced at sea and subsequently filleted and frozen in shore based factories.

The very dark grey-black colour of the skin is not very attractive; the flesh, even when the fish has been handled very carefully, is not as white as that of cod and has a slightly greyish appearance. When the skin is removed from a fillet, a wide band of brownish-red flesh is exposed, giving that side of the fillet a discoloured and sometimes bloody appearance. The appearance of the flesh is often further marred by bloodstains and bruises, the result of careless handling, particularly on board the fishing vessel.

Saithe flesh is moderately oily, dull-white in colour and brightens when cooked. It has a moderately firm texture and a medium-strong flavour.it is much more cheaper than cod but it is not worth accordingly to its taste.  

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